Straight Men Don’t Lingo #3

22 Sep

It’s common knowledge that the gays have their own language. Who do you think made ‘fierce’ and ‘fabulous’ the great words they are today?

There is no greater way to suss out if that straight bro you’ve been stalking is really #DTB than listening to his speech patterns. For example, no self-respecting straight guy is going to use the following word in normal conversation.


For those of you who flunked out of Latin 1 (or Sophomore English for that matter), Circa refers to a time period specific to the subject in which you are talking.

The Rachel, circa 1998, was the fiercest haircut we’ve ever seen.

You will not, ever, hear those words uttered from a straight bro’s lips unless he is 100 percent #flippable. So flip away.

Why does this phrase lean so str8 boi as opposed to straight bro? Str8 guys are always trying to find the fantastical way of saying things. It’s what keeps us edgier (read: Better) than your average man.

So pay close attention to what he says, ladies and gentlemen. Even if he’s talking about something inherently straight, like football, if he laments the last time the Cowboys one a Superbowl circa 1996, chances are he’ll let you kiss the tip.



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