29 Nov

Nothing says 'I'm Secretly Gay' quite like an avid texter on a pink phone.

This one here is a tricky one. Most straight men will see this post title and think to themselves, “What the hell is abbrev? Is that a place in the Middle East?”

But there is one in ten amongst you who will look at that and go, “Obvi… abbrev. Duhzies.”

If you are the latter, you are so not straight.

Abbreviating one’s words became popular with the plastic crowds around the time we got our first pink Razr phone back in the sixth grade. See, in those days before full keyboard enabled texting, sending messages was a bit of a bitch. So we created abbrevs.

BRB. TTYL. LYLAS (Or love you like a bro and sis… obvi). Those were only the beginning.

Before long, and regardless of the fact that abbrevs often take up more time to spell than the actual word or phrase, gays and girls started abbreviating everything. We’re talking everything.

OMG, it’s just my BFF Jill.

You see, abbreviating is a fundamental part of the dialect known as Fag. You English speakers have Nouns and Verbs… we have Abbrevs and words that end in zies

Straight bros, however, find this practice nonsensical. Just like a straight bro wouldn’t be caught dead sporting this season’s most fetching #man capris, he wouldn’t be caught dead texting in abbreviations if his life depended on it.

And don’t get us started on emoticons.

It’s almost a no-brainer. Clearly abbreviating is reserved for fruitcakes and the fruit flies who circle them.

You would think, wouldn’t you? But it was when I received text after text from “straight” bros who still claim to order off the fish menu that I had to take pause.

Why are straight men texting in shorthand? Because they’re so not straight, that’s why. Abbreviating is the new official language of #Flipville, fellas. So if you don’t want your gay card counted in the census, you’d better learn how to spell obviously correctly.

Abbreving isn’t just a language for the str8 bros amongst us. It’s part of a bigger and badder lifestyle. It’s the first thing a baby-gay learns to do when he’s spreading his wings and getting ready to put #Grey’s Anatomy on his DVR season pass. It’s the lemon drop shot before the #Cosmo. It’s the icing before the fucking cake.

You wouldn’t go to Spain without learning to speak a little bit of Spanglesh, would you?

It’s for this very reason that str8 bois don’t #KTT without knowing what #DTB stands for. If he speaks in abbrevs, you can get him to his knees… it rhymes, so it must be true.

So what do you when a str8 boi you’re crushing on totes abbrevs in his next text to you? Call him out faster than you’d call out a whore at Sunday mass. Invite him over. Make him choose from your lube buffet and plow on. It really is that simple. If he’s BRB, then he’s most likely DTF… and that’s an abbreviation we can get behind.


One Response to “…Abbrev”

  1. therealbryon-(gaysexandthecity) December 3, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    omg! 2 fab! luvs ur wrk!! 🙂 ,,,, wow.. u really r right!

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