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14 Nov

Hey there folks. We’re back from hiatus, and like internet-less phoenixes, we are rising from the ashes and once again borrowing free signal from our neighbors. Whoever said the gays aren’t crafty as shit?

Speaking of which, str8 bros love to craft. Whether it be knitting for our older str8 bros or painting watercolor paintings for our high str8 bros, there is something about making art with our hands that makes not-so-straight men giddy with glee.

And the number one craft project of all? Gardening.

Besides old single ladies and hipsters who wish they lived in Manhattan live in Brooklyn, the only demographic of people you’ll find gardening are #DTB in one way or another. Why, just the other weekend, we heard tell from a friend of mine whose friend of his just came out. The newly out baby-gay proceeded to make Rosemary Chicken and a spinach salad using fresh ingredients… from his garden.

Why is gardening such a gay task? Why, it involves spending hours in a full on squat position. We all know why you’re trying to work out those quads, and it isn’t because you’re going out for the #wrestling team.

You're never too old to come out. See this dinosaur finally giving in to his life's passion...

Yes, gardening is relaxing. It gives people with stressful lives something to do that they can control. But let’s be real. Knowledge of flowers is gay as shit. The only thing straight men know about flowers is when to call 1-800-Florist because they’ve fucked up.

Ladies, if he knows what a fresia looks like, he’s probably fucking Frank the Florist… puts a whole knew spin on those popped cherry blossoms he got you for forgetting Valentine’s day, huh?

Caveat: One must not confuse farming with gardening. With that said, one must not hit on a farmer anyway, so that confusion is moot at best.

Caveat redux: If he’s a Mexican (trust us, you’ll be able to tell), we would gather a few more clues before we automatically assume he’s DTB if we were you. Just saying.

So what do you do when you venture over to your local gardening annex and see a grown man bending over to get the good earth stuck between his finger nails? First, you ask yourself if this kind of person is worth it. Trust us. The closeted gardner has a lot of feelings and by god if he’s not willing to share them. He’ll think you’re best friends right off the bat because, SURPRISE, he’s probably never had a best friend. If you’re okay treading these introverted waters, then by all means. Proceed to step two.

This kind of guy is easily #flipped by something classy. Invite him to a wine and cheese night, and by the time he’s done telling you about his petunias, he’ll realize he’s the only other guest. You’ll have him flipped faster than he can prune a fucking rose.