Straight Men Don’t Lingo #4

3 Oct

The more we write, the more people wonder what the hell we’re writing about. We know, sometimes we use a secret language. It’s called fag. If you speak it fluently, chances are you’re #so not straight.

So now that you know what #DTB and #Flippable mean, it’s time to explain our favorite phrase (and one of our favorite activities, to be honest).

Kiss the tip.

What does it mean? It’s not a full on BJ, if that’s where your mind went. While it encompasses the same elements of your classic nod, there is one key difference.

A guy who let’s you kiss the tip isn’t necessarily letting YOU kiss the tip. On most occasions, he simply wants his tip kissed. End of story.

But it is a direct indication of his flippability. Straight men don’t just let another guy kiss the tip unless they’ve thought about a guy in that way. And what does thinking about a guy in that way mean? Exactly. Now we’ve come full circle.

Pun intended.

Some str8 bois will tell you they’re really horny and actually imagining a girl kissing the tip. We wonder how many times #Nicole Kidman had to hear that one before she realized it was a crock of shit.

Kissing the tip is the gateway drug to full on DTB. Some guys stall out after a few male-on-male tip sessions. Some guys will offer to return the favor. But only a true and classic flipper can turn a simple KTT into a full on sex session. Bonus points if he kisses you after you kiss the tip. It’s then that you’ve found the holy fucking grail.



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